Lexington Living Landscapes

A Program to Promote Sustainable Landscapes in Lexington, Massachusetts

Program overview

This program is a collaboration among Sustainable Lexington, Lexington Field and Garden Club, Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition, and Citizens for Lexington Conservation to promote, encourage, and support sustainable landscaping on private and public lands in Lexington.

Global warming, land-use change, and our widespread use of chemicals are having an increasingly clear impact on our health and environment. Slowing or reversing these trends and ameliorating their impacts will obviously require a multi-pronged approach. In a suburban community like Lexington, how we manage our landscape – our lawns, gardens, parks, and other open spaces – is one way we can make a difference. Individually and collectively, we have an opportunity to adopt practices that can make the town a healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more resilient place to live.

Program Focus areas

Planting of native plants (especially those that support pollinators and other wildlife), control of invasive species, and adoption of more wildlife-friendly cultural landscaping practices to improve the health and resilience of nature in Lexington.

Minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins in our yards and other landscaped spaces to minimize the impact on public health and natural systems.

Improving our tree canopy to ameliorate the heat island effect, improve air and water quality, and promote water infiltration.

Program descriptions and educational resources can be found in our

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all photos on this website, except where noted, were taken right here in Lexington

Steering Committee

Sara Bothwell Allen

Archana Dayalu

Marcia Gens

Georgia Harris

Greta Ljung

Pamela Lyons

Rita Pandey

Ricki Pappo

Charlie Wyman, coodinator

Contact us

email: lexlivingland@gmail.com