Pollinator Photo Album

Pollinator photos from our community

Community members sent us photos of pollinators visiting flowers during Pollinator Week (June 21-27, 2021), and collectively grew this photo album. Taking photos is a wonderful reminder to slow down and observe this natural phenomenon that brings us flowers for our senses, food for our tables, and a natural world rich in diversity and abundance. Thank you to everyone who contributed photos!

Georgia Harris

Marcia Gens, Bumble bee visiting Clethra

Ricki Pappo, bee visiting Pentsemon

Greta Ljung, bee visiting Fothergilla

Barbara Katzenberg, flower longhorn beetle on Rosa virginiana

Marcia Gens, halictid bee visiting Evening Primrose

Sara Sheikh, bee on milkweed

Debra Packard, bee busy with spiderwort

David Moultrup, Monarch caterpillars eating Asclepias (milkweed)

Fran Ludwig, Great spangled frittilary on Echinacea

Steve McKenna, honeybee on rose

Meg Muckenhoupt, bee and syrphid fly on milkweed at Whipple Hill

Meg Muckenhoupt, bees on St. John's wort at Whipple Hill

Fran Ludwig, monarch on New England aster

Fran Ludwig, monarch and bee on milkweed

Fran Ludwig, painted lady on echinacea

Fran Ludwig, moths on milkweed at night

Fran Ludwig, bumble bee on common milkweed

Georgia Harris, bee on milkweed

Sara Bothwell Allen, halictid bee and honey bee on echinacea

Sara Bothwell Allen, bee on goldenrod

Sara Bothwell Allen, monarch on milkweed, at Old Reservoir

Steve McKenna, bumble bee on lavender

Steve McKenna, bee visiting thyme

Jeri Zeder, bumble bee on comfrey at Peeper's Pond

Dave Strochlic, honeybee

Sara Bothwell Allen, cabbage white on salvia

Joe Pato, honeybee visiting Rose of Sharon hibiscus

Georgia Harris, milkweed leaf beetles on milkweed

Georgia Harris, bee visiting Wilson rhodedendron

Georgia Harris, bumble bee visiting Penstemon

Georgia Harris, bee visiting wild indigo

Georgia Harris, bee on Staghorn Sumac at Lincoln Field

Georgia Harris, bee on Carolina Lupine

Georgia Harris, black swallowtail caterpillar on Zizia stem

Marcia Gens, Strangalepta abbreviata beetle on Blackberry

Joe Pato, bumble bee on purple dead nettle

Charlie Wyman, bumble bee on Asclepias (milkweed)

Janet Kern, bee on evening primrose

Janet Kern, bee on Asclepias (milkweed)

Jeri Zeder, bee on catmint

Cheryl Meadow, bee on sedum

Cheryl Meadow, hummingbird moth

Sara Bothwell Allen, bee on mountain mint

Marcia Gens, eastern black swallowtail visiting milkweed

Giesela Purdy, bee on coreopsis

Giesela Purdy, bee on milkweed

Giesela Purdy, bumblebee on Carolina Rose

Greta LJung, various pollinators on Carolina Rose

Lisbet Weir, bumblebee on bee balm

Pamela Lyons, bee on Datura

Pamela Lyons, eastern tiger swallowtail on lily

Linda Behar, bee on swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata)

Pamela Lyons, bee visiting cleome