Where to Buy Plants

Two good lists of sources for native plants are maintained by:

Specific nurseries we like:

  • Garden in the Woods Framingham, A great selection of native plants, many grown at their own nursery in the Connecticut River Valley. Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Russell’s Garden Center Wayland, conveniently located near Lexington and has a native plants section, many from Van Berkum Nurseries, which does not use neonicotinoid pesticides on their stock.

Mail order nurseries:

  • Plants and Seeds: Prairie Moon Nursery and Praire Nursery, offer native plants and seeds--including many that are native to eastern Massachusetts. Their websites provide an extraordinary amount of helpful information directed to the novice gardener. You can find advice and even pre-selected plant kits for creating site-specific pollinator, songbird and other wildlife gardens.

  • Johnny's Seeds in Maine.

  • Ernst Seed Catalogue

  • Wild Seed Project of Portland Maine

Also watch for local native plant sales. One of the largest is run by Grow Native Massachusetts and is held in the spring in Waltham.