Where to Buy Plants

Note: When purchasing native plants, ask for "straight species", as opposed to cultivars. A cultivar is a genetic variety that has been selected or modified by humans to produce a different flower color, size, leaf color, or height than the plant typically shows in the wild. While attractive to humans, such changes can decrease plant benefits to pollinators. To read in more depth about cultivars and how their ecology differs from the wild version, read this article. Cultivars are easily recognizable on plant tags: if the plant name contains quotes after the species name (e.g., Penstemon digitalis “Husker red” is a cultivar of the straight species Penstemon digitalis); whereas straight species will list only the species name. 

Nurseries that Carry Native Plants

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Smaller and Specialty Nurseries


Search their websites for plant offerings, current inventory, hours of operation, and directions.

Mail Order Nurseries & Seeds


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Other Resources with Suggstions for Buying Native Plants

We’ve listed here just a few of the retail and mail order nurseries that offer native plants. For even more options, check out the lists maintained by: