Inspired by Tallamy

We hope you found Doug Tallamy's talk as inspiring as we did! You can watch it again by clicking here.

Are you wondering what to do next? Or how to get started? Here are our suggestions!


Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation that Starts in Your Yard (2020). Learn about Dr. Tallamy’s other books and some of our other favorites at the Our Favorite Books page. Also, watch for his newest book, The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Trees in March 2021.


Why We Care: How Our Choices on the Landscape Affect the World, a 30-minute video by Dan Jaffe Wilder.

Attend another virtual program

Check out our Upcoming Events listings and the Town’s Nature Speaker Series this winter and spring.

Get started

In addition to the Small Plot Pollinator Project on our website, two other good step-by-step guides are Getting Started – for Beginners from Grow Native Massachusetts and How to Make Your Yard Bird-Friendly from the National Audubon Society. For many more ideas take a look at the Xerces Society's checklist.

Plan changes to your existing garden

Read our What to Plant & Where to Buy Plants lists and explore the websites listed.

Join an organization promoting native plant landscaping.

We’re lucky to have two great ones here in eastern Massachusetts. Both offer educational programs, plant sales, and very informative websites: Grow Native Massachusetts and Native Plant Trust.

Visit a garden when spring comes to get ideas and inspiration. See our Places to Visit page.

Reach out We'd love to hear from you.